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IN-CAR Training Lessons  


What to expect during your in-car training.

All your in-car training is private one-on-one with the Instructor and are taught in accordance to the guidelines set down by the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO). You have 10 hours of in-car training to do.

No two students are taught the same way. Everyone is at a different skill level and experience behind the steering wheel.

All Driver Education Courses are based on the principal of Defensive Driving.


Your first in-car lesson is very basic. Your Instructor will go over the vehicle controls, instrumentation, Hand-over-hand steering, mirror/seat adjustment, basic right and left turns, accelerator control, braking, where to look as you drive, blind spot checks and shoulder checks, to name a few.

Maneuver's you will learn are: 2 & 3 Point turns, Grade Parking, Parallel Parking, Stall Parking, Backing and U Turns.

Driving Skills that you will be taught are: Right & Left Turns (Basic & Major), Intersections (Major & Minor), Merging traffic, City, Town, Country Driving, 1 Way Streets, Highway and Expressway Driving, Passing & being passed, Driving in different  weather conditions (Seasonal), Risk Perception, Shoulder recovery, Threshold/ABS braking, Rear and head-on crash  avoidance, Shoulder checks, Blind spot checks, RR Crossing, Observation skills and lane changes, to name a few.

On your last hour of in-car you will be doing a mock in-car test. This is very similar to the actual road test you have to do. This test will determine if you will pass or fail your in-car, just as the government test does.

Please Note: It is up to the student to practice between in-car training lessons. The student should be able to match the hours they are getting from their Instructor. Just like all sports, music, school and other things you have to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. in order to improve your driving skills.