• MUST be paid in cash, in full upon meeting the instructor.
  • NON-Refundable
  • Cannot be used towards a full course program.
  • A lesson missed, forgot your licence, cancelled or NO SHOWED is a lesson taken.
  • Private In-Car lessons are NOT CERTIFIABLE. NO insurance discount applies.
  • We will pick-up/drop-off ONLY within the City of Peterborough.

We require a minimum of three (3) weeks notice for Private Lessons/Road Tests.
We cannot supply a vehicle for the day you call or that week.
Instructors are booking weeks in advance.
We DO NOT work every Saturday or on holidays or Sundays.
REMEMBER, we are NOT a car rental agency, we are a Driving School.


Prices are subject to change without notice.

Private In-Car Lessons : $50.00/hour 

Winter Driving Lesson : $250.00 – 2.5 Hours ( G-1 drivers, Instructors vehicle only)

City and highway driving on Hwy. 28 and 115

Parking Lot skid control if snow available


Parking Lesson: $150.00 – 1.5 Hours (G-1 drivers, Instructors vehicle only)

Includes: Stall Parking

Parallel Parking


3 Point Turn

Grade Parking

Senior Driving Lesson – $150.00 – 1.5 Hours 

Do you require some practice time to improve your driving

skills because the MTO has notified you that you must take

a test or you went for the test and never passed. This lesson

will teach you everything you need to know for today’s

driving environment. A lot has changed since you got your

licence. This lesson will help you keep your licence.

Highway Driving Lesson – $300.00 – 2 Hours (Instructors vehicle only)

This highway driving lesson takes the student on different

roads and highways to gain experience and improve their

driving skills for this fast paced driving environment. Our

Instructors will take you on Hwy. 115, Hwy. 401 and Hwy 28.

G-1 Exit Road Test Package: $200.00

This package provides you with private instruction to prepare

you for your first in-car road test. The student gets a 1 hour in-car lesson 3-5 days before

the test to make sure you are ready and have the skills needed for the test. This test is

mainly city driving.

On the day of the test, you get another 1 hour in-car lesson as a warm up lesson and the use

of the Instructors vehicle for the test. G-1 drivers MUST use the Instructors vehicle.

City driving skills are required for this test. The student should have a minimum of 15 hours

behind the wheel to take this test.

G-2 Exit Road Test Package: $300.00

Getting ready for your full G Licence. The student gets a 1 hour

in-car lesson 3-5 days before the test to make sure you have the skills for this test. On the day

of the test, you get another 1 hour warm up lesson and use of the Instructors vehicle for the

test. Your vehicle or ours, same price.

Expressway driving experience is required for this test.

To book or for more information or if you have any questions, please phone our
office at: 705 – 876 – 7115 – Monday to Friday – 9am – 5pm.
We are closed weekends and holidays.